Our members are teachers, students, professionals, parents, and anyone that supports STEM Education in Ohio!

The Ohio Academy of Science is a membership based, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization. Over 5,000 students participate in Academy programming each year.
The Academy is the leading organization in Ohio to foster curiosity, discovery, innovation, and problem-solving skills in Ohio. The Academy conducts an annual meeting and science days, and publishes an international, multidisciplinary, scientific journal, The Ohio Journal of Science.

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Dr. Endia Crabtree – Senior Clinical Evaluation Scientist, Clinical Product RiskBoston Scientific

I joined the OAS with the intention of promoting education and fostering connections among students, K-12 teachers, and higher education members. My inspiration came from attending the 2023 State Science Day Celebration of Science Showcase event, where I realized the potential to enlighten others about scientific careers in industry. As a scientist in the medical device/MedTech field, I recognize the significance of dispelling the misconception that all scientists work solely in labs or wear white coats.

I was raised in Flint, Michigan, and attended the Flint Community Schools public school system. Unfortunately, I was not aware of science fairs during that time, and even if they existed, I wasn’t sure if they were taking place in the city or state. After relocating to Cincinnati, I discovered OAS and its programs that cater to youth interested in pursuing STEM-related careers. These programs offer students the chance to interact with scientific leaders and potentially earn scholarships. This discovery motivated me to focus on promoting diversity in science, both in terms of demographics and within the industry.

Attending the annual conference is a fantastic way to meet leadership and members. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and inquire about ways to get involved. One way to participate is by volunteering as a judge at one of the upcoming regional science fairs. This experience allows you to interact with students, answer their questions about science and science careers, and inspire them. Speaking with students, parents, and teachers is an excellent chance to make a positive impact that may exceed your expectations.


Individual Membership

Our traditional memberships that are available for individual scientists, teachers, retired scientists, and students.

Benefits of an Individual Membership:

  • Discount ticket to COSI
  • Submitting manuscripts to The Ohio Journal of Science with no page charge
  • Access to the Academy’s online network
  • Reduced price on OAS merchandise

Institution Membership

This level of membership that allows Universities, Colleges, and Businesses to join as an Institution. All students, faculty, or employees from Institutional Members are able to join the Academy at no cost in addition to the Institution receiving additional benefits. Click here to download the Institutional Member form.

Benefits of an Institutional Membership:

  • No page charges to publish in The Ohio Journal of Science
  • Advertising on our Sponsors and Institutional Members’ page (logos for Institutional Members)
  • Opportunity to engage with pre-college students throughout Ohio
  • Deeply discounted ads in an OAS publications (OJS, AM program, SSD program)
  • Individuals (students, faculty, or employees) at those Institutions will receive a free membership to The Ohio Academy of Science.


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