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Welcome to the Ohio Academy of Science! It is hard to believe, but for over 130 years, the Academy has been supporting science and related fields in Ohio. Especially in the last few decades, the Academy has put a lot of focus on science education and opportunities for pre-college students, through programs like State Science Day, Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair, the OAS Annual Meeting, and Believe in Ohio. With support from our numerous corporate sponsors, institutional members/partners, and individual members, and through our various programs, we distribute thousands of dollars in scholarship money to students across the State of Ohio. Many of scholarships require the students to attend Ohio colleges and Universities, ostensibly keeping our best and brightest scientists in Ohio. Also, through our Ohio Journal of Science (OJS), we give these students and other scientists opportunities to publish their scientific results in an accredited and respected journal right here in the State; in fact many scientists in Ohio have their first journal publication in the OJS (including myself!). The OJS has been publishing Ohio science for over 120 years! As hopefully you can see, our goal is to provide scientific opportunities in, and for, residents of Ohio and beyond.

Please enjoy your visit to the OAS web pages and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Academy (mwoytek@ohiosci.org).


Rod Sheets
Emeritus Scientist
U.S. Geological Survey
President of the Ohio Academy of Science


The Ohio Academy of Science’s Board of Trustees is composed of 20 members who currently serve in (or have retired from) academia, government, or industry positions.

For a complete description of each Board position, please see The Code of Regulations of The Ohio Academy of Science, and if you are interested in running for election of a board position, please contact us.

Mr. Rodney Sheets

President Elect
Mr. Charles Flower

Dr. Lynn Ulatowski
Ursuline College

Past President
Dr. Vicki A. Motz
Ohio Northern University

Mr. Pete Harlan
Department of Defense

JAC Director
Dr. Martin English
Private Veterinarian

Editor, The Ohio Journal of Science
Dr. Lynn Elfner


Dr. Christina O’Malley, Carroll High School, (2022)
Dr. Kristen DeVanna Fussell, Ohio Sea Grant College Program/Stone Laboratory (2021)
Dr. Claire McLeod, Miami University, (2022)
Vacant, Presidential Appointment, (2023)


Mr. Richard Benz, Lake Metroparks (2022)
Dr. Erica Montbach, NASA Glenn Research Center (2022)
Vacant, Presidential Appointment, (2023)
Vacant, Presidential Appointment, (2023)


Dr. Mina Makary, CoreAccess, LLC., (2023)
Ms. Halle Miller, Mannik & Smith Group, Inc. (2022)
Vacant, Presidential Appointment, (2022)
Ms. Jeanne Gogolski, EducationProjects.org (2023)


Michael joined The Ohio Academy of Science (OAS) in June 2015 as the Development Coordinator and was responsible for growing membership and sponsorship while supporting OAS programs.

In September 2016, Michael became the Academy’s CEO and is responsible for fulfilling the vision of the OAS, which is the leading organization in Ohio to advance the understanding and practice of STEM and their applications. This includes coordinating and managing all aspects of OAS programs (Senior Academy and Junior Academy).

Previous to joining the Academy, Michael spent 23 years as a financial service professional in key business development rolls before co-founding a company that develops renewable energy systems. 


Dorie originally joined the Academy in 1986 but left in 2003 to raise her young family. She rejoined the Academy in 2014 as the Believe in Ohio program administrator. Dorie manages the registration and application processes for State Science Day, Believe in Ohio Regional & State Competitions, Annual Meeting, Melvin Scholars, Governor’s Award for STEM Education, and the Ohio EPA Scholarships.

When Dorie is not busy with all of her OAS responsibilities, she teaches pre-school and enjoys spending time with her family.

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