Believe in Ohio is a multi-faceted program
to develop student innovators

Local STEM Plan Competitions and Awards

High school students have an opportunity to develop a STEM Commercialization Plan or a STEM Business Plan for entry into a local high school competition.

Statewide STEM Plan Competitions

The State competition will award hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to Ohio colleges and universities, post-secondary career centers and vocational schools.

Regional STEM Plan Competitions and Scholarships

Local high school plans that receive certain high scores from judges will be invited to participate in a regional competition.

Statewide STEM Scholarship Program

All Ohio high school students, who are juniors or seniors during the 2020-2021 school year, and who meet the qualifications, are invited to apply for one of one hundred & thirty-two $1,000 Believe in Ohio STEM Scholarships

If you are a student or teacher interested in participating in the Believe in Ohio program, click below to learn more!

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