What is STEM?

The Academy defines STEM education as: both the mastery and integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for all PK-12 students. It incorporates scientific inquiry and technological design through student-focused, project based curricula to develop skills of communication, teamwork/collaboration, creativity/innovation, critical thinking, and problem solving.

STEM education is education that is focused on preparing students in Science Technology, Engineering, and Math disciplines for post-high school education as well as innovative careers. It incorporates numerous disciplines, and relies on hands-on approaches to help students learn complex ideas.

STEM education as defined by the state of Ohio

Ohio has begun a strong initiative to increase the STEM ability of students, and you can learn more about that program here:

Scientific Method with permission from www.sciencebuddies.org vs. the Engineering Process poster created and © by Tad Douce, formerly of River Valley Middle School, now with TRECA.