Local, District and State Science Day Judging Cards

Approved by the Junior Academy Council January 16, 2010

Judging criteria Copyright © The Ohio Academy of Science 2010. All rights reserved. No edits or other modifications may be made in the judging criteria without the express written permission of The Ohio Academy of Science. Distribution and reproduction for educational purposes is permitted provided this notice is not removed.

NOTE: Judging prompts are indicated by bullets, however, BULLETS DO NOT HAVE A PRE-DETERMINED NUMERICAL VALUE.

Web links to two formats: Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) and Microsoft Word 97-2003 (.doc)


Judging form for individual projects:

Individual Judging Card (PDF)

Individual Judging Card (Word)


Judging form for team projects:

Team Judging Card (PDF)

Team Judging Card (Word)