Teacher Workshop - June 8-11

"Inquiry  Science  and  State  Standards:  A  Hands-On  Workshop" 

REGISTER BY FRIDAY, JUNE 5: http://goo.gl/forms/zj6jqMd9fr
WHEN:  Monday - Thursday, June 8-11, 2015
WHERE: Ohio University Lancaster, Rm 223 Brasee Hall
             1570 Granville Pike, Lancaster, OH 
TIME:     8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  B.Y.O.L. (BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH)
Sponsored by Ohio Academy of Science District 8 Steering Committee

Designed for Middle  and  High  School  Science  teachers, this 4 day workshop will provide a hands on experience demonstrating  how to incorporate inquiry and student designed experimentation into your science classroom. Our  team  of  facilitators  includes  science  content  specialists,  university  science  faculty,  and  veteran  science  teachers  with  many  years  of  experience  facilitating  student-­‐designed  experiments  and  research  projects  in  science  classrooms.    In  this  four  day  "hands-­‐on"  workshop  for  grades  5-­‐12  science  teachers,  we  will  focus  on: 

  • how to modify existing lab materials to an inquiry based format
  • developing  participants'  understanding  of  science  "process,"  as  outlined  in  Ohio's  New  Learning  Standards  
  • connecting  science  process  skills  to  higher  level  depth  of  knowledge  (DoK)  in  science  classrooms  
  • strategies  for  developing  science  process  skills  in  grades  5-­‐12  students  
  • strategies  for  incorporating  the  literacy  standards  for  science  reading  and  writing  into  science  classrooms  
  • sharing  resources  for  student  activities,  lessons,  project  ideas,  and  tools  to  evaluate  the  quality  of  students'  work  and  mastery  of standards  
  • strategies  for  incorporating  inquiry  into  science  instruction  
  • strategies  for  managing  student-­‐designed  experiments  and  research  projects 

Link to website:  http://district8scienceday.weebly.com/