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Columbus, OH 43212

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Michael Woytek
Chief Executive Officer


Michael joined The Ohio Academy of Science (OAS) in June 2015 as the Development Coordinator and was responsible for growing membership and sponsorship while supporting OAS programs.

In September 2016, Michael became the Academy's CEO and is responsible for fulfilling the vision of the OAS, which is the leading organization in Ohio to advance the understanding and practice of STEM and their applications. This includes coordinating and managing all aspects of OAS programs (Senior Academy, Junior Academy and Believe in Ohio).

Previous to joining the Academy, Michael spent 23 years as a financial service professional in key business development rolls before co-founding a company that develops renewable energy systems. 


Jaimie Crawford
Director of Administration


Jaimie began working for The Academy in 1996. Over the years, she has played a significant role in organizing many Academy programs including the OAS Annual Meeting, the Ohio EPA scholarship program and State Science Day. As the Academy continues to grow, Jaimie has taken on increased administrative and financial duties for day to day activities within the Academy; however, she also continues to oversee State Science Day’s sponsored awards and work with potential sponsors for the program.


Karen Meade Newman
Membership and Volunteer Coordinator


Karen Meade-Newman joined The Ohio Academy of Science staff in 2003. She is primarily responsible for coordinating membership and volunteer efforts. She also assists in preparations for and orchestration of the Annual Meeting and State Science Day programs. Additionally, she works with applications and reviewers for the Thomas Edison Awards for Excellence in STEM and the Ohio EPA Scholarship awards. Her experience in handling and manipulating large amounts of data both with the Academy and her previous years as a Database Specialist at Discover Card have allowed her to be instrumental in these functions.