Presentation Schedule - Annual Meeting Program

First authors should review the final draft of the Program (or search by name) to ensure all of their information is correct before it is printed on February 12th.


Presentation Details

See the directions below for the poster and podium requirements at the Annual Meeting.

Podium Presentations

A complete list of podium sessions is posted here:

All Podium Presentations should be 10 min long leaving 2-3 min for questions following. Please upload your podium presentation here in Microsoft PowerPoint format, so the presentations can be pre-loaded in each presentation room.


Poster Presentations

The space to mount posters will be 40" x 60", so please print your poster appropriately.


Pre-college students - What is the difference between a tri-fold posterboard and scientific poster?

The OAS Annual Meeting is a scientific meeting; therefore, we expect students to present as they would at a professional meeting. This is done by using a scientific poster. It can be printed on a large sheet of paper (from places such as FedEx-Kinkos), or an easier (A, below), cheaper option, is to use 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper (B, below).

OSU has a nice site to walk students through how to develop a scientific poster:


Order your box lunch for the OAS Annual Meeting

Due to the full schedule at the Annual Meeting, we will again be offering boxed lunches ($10) that can be purchased prior to the meeting, and then picked up outside of the Bridge Learning Room in the Ruff Learning Center before the Keynote Address (also held in the Bridge Learning Room).

Please select your wrap and make your purchase.

This will be the only lunch option available at the meeting.